The Radical Healing Festival!

Featuring Randy Armstrong and WorldBeat Marimba.

With Ben Baldwin, Lisa Marshall and Marty Quinn

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Discover a world of alternative healing and embark on a transformative journey at our full-day gathering,
August 26, 2023 at The Word Barn in Exeter, NH.

Join us for a day filled with exploration, education, and connection as you dive into the world of practices that support holistic health of the mind, body, and soul.

 Discover the Healing Practice that's Right for YOU!

The Word Barn, Exeter NH

We all need guidance in life, especially when it comes to health and healing. Discover which practice resonates with your healing path!

THE RADICAL HEALING FESTIVAL brings together an array of exceptional alternative healing practitioners and provides you with the opportunity to learn about their unique modalities and to experience firsthand how they work with their clients. It's the perfect occasion to connect with local practitioners, ensuring you find the right fit for your personal healing journey.

THE RADICAL HEALING FESTIVAL is not just an event; it's a transformative experience that empowers you to take charge of your well-being. With an abundance of healing modalities to explore, you can sample and discover what resonates with you before committing to a full healing session. It's an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals who are part of a supportive community.
THE RADICAL HEALING FESTIVAL is taking place at The Word Barn and Word Barn Meadow, a beautiful spot in Exeter, NH. The main festival--including vendors, demonstrations, and talks--will take place in the Meadow. Immersive workshops + the evening concert with Randy Armstrong and WorldBeat Marimba, featuring Ben Baldwin, Lisa Marshall and Marty Quinn, will happen inside the Barn concert space.

RandyArmstrong's WorldBeat Marimba with Ben Baldwin, Lisa Marshall and Marty Quinn

Expand your horizons, awaken your senses, and embark on a journey of self-discovery.

Let’s face it, the options available to us in drug stores don’t usually deliver on their promises of health. It is like placing a bandage over a gushing wound. While natural foods stores offer better choices, they are expensive! It’s hard to focus on self care when we’re worried about spending that much money every month.

Making your own herbal products can solve these problems!

BUT... There are lots of QUESTIONS that come up when you first start on an herbal journey
 - How do I properly prepare, filter, store and use these for myself?
 - Which plants should I choose?
 - How much plant material do I need for each type of extract?
 - Where is the best place to get herbs?
 - What brand and potency of extractants should I use?
 - How do I avoid making mistakes??

If you’ve felt intimidated to take the first step toward brewing up the things you need to support your own wellness, then the Herbal Concoctions Workshop is for you! With Alison as your guide, you will gain not just skills and knowledge, but the self-confidence to fill your shelf with homemade herbal products to help you take better care of yourself and your family. 

This workshop is for anyone who has a  fear of “messing up” , "doing it wrong" or is otherwise unsure where to start. Don't just guess or try to figure it out from a recipe! Get the hands on help you need. Our ancestors didn't have a drug store. They used wild plants for their health - and we can too! We only need to remember how. That's what this workshop will teach you.

The Herbal Concoctions Workshop is educationally focused. We won't be able to solve everyone's personal health issues during the workshop. However, with a little research and time, you can easily decide what herbs are best for you. And when you do - you'll be armed with the skills and knowledge to create the concoctions that can put you on a path to improved health!

Festival Overview

Weedy Wellness is the Foundational Course in the Herbal Body Bundle. It provides the essential skills and knowledge needed for an herbally-inspired lifestyle!
Value: $495

 - 6 Live (2+ hour) Sessions on Zoom
 - Supporting videos and other materials for each lesson
 - Private community of course participants for sharing and caring!
SESSION 1. Introduction.
The Benefits of "Re-Weeding" Your Life.
    -  Why Weeds? How will this help you daily and over the long term.
    - Course Outline: Steps to bringing weeds and herbals into your life
    - Supplies and Equipment
    - Top 20 List of Essential Herbs and Weeds
SESSION 2.  Gathering Weeds and Wild Plants
Collecting wild plants requires several important prerequisites including knowledge of
    - Proper Identification. How do I know I have the right plant?
    - Seasonality. When are plants are ready to be harvested?
    - Life cycle. Root, shoot, flower and seed. What part do I use?
    - Location. Where do I look for plants (and where NOT to look)
SESSION 3. Processing Plant Material
Harvesting is only the first step in the re-weeding journey. Plants need to be prepped and processed to retain their best properties. There are lots of tips and tricks!
    - To dry or not to dry
    - Proper storage of your stash to retain vitality (and prevent problems)
    - Processing roots and flowers and leaves (Oh My!)
    - Creating a space in your home for your new found allies
SESSION 4. Brewing Tea
Now that you have a beautiful plant stash to work with, how do you incorporate these into your daily health routine? One of the most nourishing and satisfying ways to consume herbs is creating tea blends.
    - How to play with ratios to create a tea you will love
    - Grouping herbs for differing benefits (relaxation, energy, etc)
    - The parts method for measuring herbs
SESSION 5. Plant Extracts
There are many other ways to get the benefits of herbs in addition to tea. Herbal Extracts have long been used as an effective means of - as the name says - extracting the healing properties of plants. We'll learn about:
    - The cottage herbalist method of creating extracts.
    - Choosing your menustrum
    - Preparing plant material for extracting
    - What was that again? Proper labeling!          
SESSION 6. Putting it Together
In this final will help you easily incorporate your new found friends into your daily routine.
    - Creating habits of using herbs.
    - Organizing your apothecary
    - Living with the seasons. 
    - Celebrate our success!

Making Healing Salves
Interactive Workshop
(Two Sessions)

What can you expect at the festival?
Plan to spend the afternoon immersed in captivating demonstrations and insightful talks that showcase the power of various healing modalities. From the ancient practice of yoga to the intuitive healing arts, we have something for everyone.

 - Delve into the energetic world of biomagnetism, sound healing or breathwork and experience the capability of your inner power.
- Discover the healing plants available all around us and unlock the power of nature's remedies.
- Browse the various products available to enhance your wellbeing
- Visit with an intuitive healer to discover their unique style of connecting to the messages from your inner wisdom.

Experience the variety of healing options available to help you along your life journey!

Food to Nourish the Body
 - Kath Gallant of Blue Moon fame will share the secret to making your own nutrient-dense and probiotic foods. 

- Earth's Harvest Kitchen and Juicery will be on site selling healthy eats to keep you nourished throughout the afternoon.
No festival is complete without music and rhythm, song and dance!
Experience the deepening power of Kirtan with Maharaj Miller of Mala Yoga Shala

Join the community drum ceremony led by Giorgi Baino, starting at 5:00 pm

Giorgi Baino leading a drum ceremony with sound healing

Attend the Evening Concert with Randy Armstrong & WorldBeat Marimba
We're thrilled to be featuring Randy in concert with his full marimba band and  the talents of Ben Baldwin, Lisa Marshall and Marty Quinn. The Word Barn concert space will have plenty of room for  dancing and celebration!

Randy Armstrong

BONUS 1: Herbal Concoctions Course
Over 5 hours of pre-recorded content. $197 Value

The Herbal Concoctions course teaches you how to begin, infuse, filter and store the different types of extracts you need for your personal herbal pantry. We'll be working with 5 different extractants because each type of liquid brings out a different property of the plant.
    - alcohol
    - vegetable glycerine
    - vinegar
    - honey
    - olive oil
During the 5 session course, I share the essential techniques so you can:
  - Avoid common mistakes when creating your own products.
 - Understand the basic steps of extract creation.
 - Gain the personal confidence to experiment with new combinations.
 - Save money by creating your own remedies!

BONUS 3: The Herbally-Inspired Fall Kitchen
Challenge Recordings! $97 Value

The Herbally-Inspired Fall Kitchen Challenge recordings are packed with 3 hours of great content that you can revisit. They will be available for you to watch in the course portal.

BONUS: The Essential Guide to Herbal Tea

This easy to follow guide will help you begin blending your very own teas.  This pdf guide, created by Alison,  will get you started and well on the way to incorporating healing and relaxing teas into your every day routines. 

We won't be covering this in the Herbal Concoctions Workshop - but it's such an important part of your home apothecary!

Receive a 1 on 1 consultation w/Alison.
Includes two, 1-Hour coaching sessions!
VALUE: $295
Only 4 Sessions Available!

 General Admission: $20
Specialty Workshops: $20 - $25
Randy Armstrong and WorldBeat Marimba: $25

Festival Schedule

Gates Open at 11:30am.
Main Festival: 11:30 - 5:00
Community Drum Circle: 5:00 - 6:00
Rest and Relax: 6:00 - 7:30
Randy Armstrong and WorldBeat Marimba featuring Ben Baldwin, Lisa Marshall and Marty Quinn: 7:30 - 9:30

IMMERSIVE WORKSHOPS (In the Barn; Pre-registration Required):

 1:00. Sound Healing with Tracy Matteson, Peace of the Planet
Sound healings are a gentle way to move the energy in our bodies through vibration. The vibrations of various sound healing instruments have been shown to synchronize our heart rates, breathing and brain waves, which brings us to a state of homeostasis. Sound healing can take us out of “fight-or-flight” and relax us, which leads to decreased pain, lowered anxiety levels, and increased immune responses. It is a beautiful way to slow down to take a break from the noise of everyday life.

 2:30. Breathwork with Meegan Sciretto, Plant Yourself Medicine.
Breathwork is an active meditation technique that uses a rhythmic breath pattern that allows you to drop out of the busyness of your mind and go deeper into your body and the emotions that weigh heavily on you and your nervous system. It is a powerful way to open up, clear stuck energy and access your inner wisdom.

Join Meegan for a  transformative journey where the power of your breath becomes the catalyst for your healing and growth. A conscious and intentional way of breathing that taps into the body's innate ability to heal, release, and rejuvenate. Through this active breath and guided support, this journey offers a safe space for self-exploration, emotional release and spiritual growth. Connect to your inner wisdom, restore balance to your energy system and tap into higher states of consciousness.

TALKS AND DEMONSTRATIONS (On the Stage or in the Tent)
Inner Child Healing; What is Shamanism; Wild Medicinal Plant Walk; Biomagnetism Demonstration; Kirtan; Fermented foods and many more! Full schedule coming soon.

Thank You to Our Festival Sponsors

Tree Level

Meegan  Scrietto
Take a journey of self- discovery, healing and transformation with the power of breathwork

Plant Yourself Medicine represents a holistic approach to healing and well-being that seeks to empower you. It invites you to nourish yourself from the roots up and embrace the abundant healing potential that lies within. Through the use of plants, breathwork, alchemy, guidance and other grounding practices you can heal your mind and body and activate your natural healing ability and allow for greater self awareness, growth and healing.

Plant Level

Damla Aktekin is an Inner Child Energetic Wound Healer, Crystal Healing Teacher, Soul Healing Writer, Intuitive Reader, Astrologer, and Podcaster who helps other self-healers and healers move beyond the energetic wounds of their inner children and shine brighter than they thought possible so that they can fully show up in their lives to heal themselves, their families, and their soul community.

As a powerful catalyst for change, Raven brings profound healing and wisdom to her clients and students. She creates a safe container for her clients to awaken to who they truly are, free from the past limiting beliefs and false programming. Raven empowers her clients and students on their journey of transformation and healing so they can live their passion and thrive in life!

Land of Milk and Honey Herbalism is Grace Krupkowski, herbalist and educator. Grace strives to weave the power of personal agency between humans with the natural world through plants and their healing capabilities. Grace is an herbal product maker specializing in body care through topical items, tinctures, glycerites and more.
I practice energy healing and natural health intuition at Whole Life Healthcare near Portsmouth NH. I’m the author of The Power of Energy Medicine and host of the podcast- The Good Energy Healing Show.
I am a holistic therapist for couples in the state of NH and starting a new business called Be & Being Consultations where I sell my local organic tinctures as a natural support for day to day life.

Seed Level

Energy Healing with Diane Marie Gallant
Timberledge Wellness

 General Admission: $20
Specialty Workshops: $20 - $25
Randy Armstrong and WorldBeat Marimba: $25

Who Will Be at the Festival?

There will be a broad variety of practitioners sharing their healing gifts and talents. Many will be giving demonstrations or talks. Some will be offering short sessions, readings or items for sale at their tables.
Presenters indicated with a *
Festival Organizers:
*Lynn McCarthy, Pure Potential Healing. Biomagnetism Practitioner.
*Alison Magill, The Well Cultivated Life. Herbalist and Flower Essence Practitioner.

Vendor Sponsors:
Giorgi Baino, Expressive Therapist, Sound Healer, Musician  BioEnergetic and Energy Healer.
Meegan Sciretto, Plant Yourself Medicine. Breathwork and Plant Medicine.
*Raven Redfeather,  Redfeather Healing Arts. Shamanic Practitioner.
*Damla Aktekin, A Drop Of Om. Intuitive healer specializing in Inner Child and Crystal Healing.
*Grace Krupkowski, Land of Milk and Honey Herbalism. Herbalist, educator and small-batch herbal products .
*Diane Marie Gallant, River of Light Energy Healing. Energy healer, mentor and spiritual activator, guiding you towards a life of empowerment and self-mastery.
*Kath Gallant, Kath Gallant Life. Chef, restaurateur, and educator promoting slow, local, and organic food.
*Jean Roalsvig Talk With Your Soul. Intuitive guide helping you connect to divine healing and guidance.
*Hilary Crowley, Energy healing and natural health intuition. Author of The Power of Energy Medicine and host of the podcast- The Good Energy Healing Show.
Leighsa O'Shea, Timberledge Wellness.  Holistic licensed esthetician who incorporates energy work, reiki, and sound healing into facial and body treatments in order to align your inner and outer beauty.
*Anne Pinciaro, Energy healing, biomagnetism practitioner, divine healing and Lyme treatment protocol.
Mary Martina, Be.Counseling. Soul, heart and mind centered holistic therapy for women and couples.

Tracy Matteson, Peace of the Planet. Energy and Sound Healer.
Rob Stewart, Inner Center Astrology. Evolutionary astrologer and consulting hypnotist
Lenaye Marsten, Maine Rolfing Therapy. Certified Advanced Rolfer®
Silvia Yardino, Good Vibrations Massage and Wellness. Massage Therapist.
Jillian Regii, Flote. Center for Relaxation Offering salt float, massage, sauna, cold plunge and more.
*April Adams, The Healing Arts. Reiki Infused Art. Author, healer, artist, coach, trainer.
*Michelle Blanchette,  4 the REST of US. Kripalu Yoga Instructor and Core Self-Discovery Coach.
*Jennifer Lanie, FDN-P, The Get Better Girl, LLC. Functional Health Coach.
*Maharaj Miller, Maha Yoga Shala. Yoga Center teaching asana, meditation, kirtan, music and spiritual practices.
Elana Pasquale, Solstice Herb Farm. Regenerative herb farm, selling teas, herbal preparations, earth minerals, jewelry and herbal decor.
*Marilynn Carter, Many Paths for Health. Integrative health practitioner teaching Jin Shin Jyutsu, Reiki and Healing Touch.
*Michele Lowry, Nikoe Natural Therapies Animal communicator who connects with animals and the natural world offering the opportunity to see our lives through their wisdom. 
*Nicole K. Miller, Minding the Story. Shadow work guide,  combining archetypal psychology, myth and storytelling, creative exercises, and shamanic journeying to help people Unstory their beliefs.
Sheri Santo,SS Fitness and Love. Fitness classes and events with a focus on choreographed formats; motivating movement through music for all levels.
Renee Napolitano. Embrace the Healing. Aura Photographer. Using special photographic equipment to capture an image of your energetic aura.
Carol Becker Cornerstone Creative Wellness. Center offering yoga, Reiki, and wellness workshops for women.

Is there a Payment Plan?

Not for this workshop. ou can pay in full for $97 OR choose the 2-payment option to get enrolled for just $60. Your second $60 payment will be due a month from your sign up date. Select which plan you prefer on the check out page.

What is the Guarantee?

While I am CONVINCED you will love this set of trainings, it may not be for everyone.
Attend the first half of the workshop and if you truly decided it's not for you, I will refund your money!


Is there a Payment Plan?

Not for this workshop. ou can pay in full for $97 OR choose the 2-payment option to get enrolled for just $60. Your second $60 payment will be due a month from your sign up date. Select which plan you prefer on the check out page.

What's Included with the General Admission Ticket?

General admission tickets include access to all vendor booths, all practitioner demonstrations and talks and the drum ceremony with Giorgi Baino. There are 3 additional immersive experiences with separate tickets. The evening concert with Randy Armstrong is also a separate ticket.

What Should I Bring to the Festival?

Plan to bring the supplies you need to relax at the festival: chair, blanket, water bottle, sunscreen/bug spray and snacks. While most vendors can take credit cards or Venmo, you might want to bring extra cash.

Will there be Food Available at the Event?

There will be food and non-alcoholic beverages available for purchase throughout the day from Earth Harvest Kitchen & Juicery (yum!)

Are Drums Provided for the Drum Ceremony?

We will have a few extra drums but please BYO drum or other rhythm instruments to add to the experience.

Can I Bring Alcohol to the Festival?

Alcohol is not allowed during the main festival but will be for sale by The Word Barn during the evening concert.

What Happens if it Rains?

This is a rain or shine event. Only if there is extreme or severe weather forecast will we cancel the festival. If that is the case, tickets will be refunded minus Eventbrite fees. Please plan accordingly for weather conditions.

Why do some of the Workshops Cost Extra?

The breathwork and sound healing workshops are immersive experiences. In order to provide a a safe and private space, we have rented the whole building at The Word Barn just for these workshops. The cost of the herbal spa includes all the plants and products used for relaxation.

What is the Guarantee?

While I am CONVINCED you will love this set of trainings, it may not be for everyone.
Attend the first half of the workshop and if you truly decided it's not for you, I will refund your money!

The Festival Team

Alison Magill
Herbalist, Ecologist, Educator
The Well Cultivated Life

Hello! I'm Alison. I'm an herbalist, ecologist, educator and flower essence practitioner who loves all things botanical, herbal and green! Decades ago I began a plant journey that led me to the herbally-inspired life I now live.

What does that look like? It’s the daily practice of infusing beneficial herbs into all aspects of my lifestyle: what I eat, my personal care and my environment. As an herbalist and gardener, I know the deep healing that comes from tending. We care for the plants and they care for us. Incorporating beautiful, nutritious and healing plants into our daily lives gives us the earth-centered and grounded connection that we’re all missing in this fast-paced, tech-focused world.

Why am I running a healing arts festival? I love to create community connections. For 15 years I was the leader of a local Slow Food chapter where we brought people together for the love of food. Now I’ve turned my talents toward another area of passion: holistic and alternative healing. Lynn and I realized we both had the desire to support and promote our local wellness community so we came together to organize the first annual Radical Healing Festival!

I firmly believe that we need to go way beyond the type of care that is available through the current healthcare system. How we feel and the state of our health is ultimately up to us but everyone needs support. By bringing together practitioners from various disciplines in a nurturing and inclusive space, we’re showcasing the transformative power of these modalities and inspiring individuals to explore new avenues of healing. Join us?!

Lynn McCarthy
Biomagnetism and Energy Healer
Pure Potential Healing

Hello! My name is Lynn McCarthy and I am a Bio-Magnetic Practitioner. As someone who believes in the incredible power of the body to heal itself, I have dedicated myself to supporting people that are having a difficult time healing their body. Through my gift of finding the polarities within the body, depolarizing those areas with magnets, then harnessing the potential for transformation and healing, my clients have found the healing they have been seeking.  That is why I have named my business "Pure Potential Healing."

Throughout my journey, I have witnessed countless individuals experience remarkable transformations, some achieving complete recovery from chronic conditions and emotional pain and others finding a sense of well-being.  Witnessing these incredible changes in others, combined with my personal life-changing experience, inspired me to embark on a path of learning and sharing this profound knowledge with others.

I strongly believe that each person holds within them the power to heal and transform their lives. That’s why I have partnered with Alison to create the Radical Healing Festival and promote the  natural and alternative healing modalities available to those seeking help with their healing.

Our aim is to create a vibrant and inclusive gathering where individuals can explore and experience various modalities firsthand. Practitioners from different disciplines can come together, share their wisdom, and inspire attendees to embark on their own transformative healing journeys. I am excited to create a platform that celebrates the power of holistic healing and provides a supportive community for individuals seeking to enhance their well-being and discover new paths to healing.

Registration Open for a Limited Time!

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Register Now. Time is running out!

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

Is this the Right Course For Me?

This Course IS for you if...

You love to garden and want to learn more about nourishing plants

You are health conscious and want to boost your intake of nourishing herbs and healing plants.

You love nature and recognize that it provides many healing weeds but aren't sure how to get started gathering.

You like to cook and incorporate new flavors and foods into your meals.

You support local farms and markets and want to start providing some of your own food.

You are curious about herbal remedies and want to find out more. 

This Course is NOT for you if...

You think you will learn about Cannabis (a great weed with all sorts of health benefits but not part of this course).

You don't have an interest in getting outside to explore the world around you.

You are looking for a pill or potion to "fix" a health concern.

You don't want to be part of an interactive, live class and community.

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